How to choose the best lifestyle business system for you

WHAT IF YOU had thousands of fans worldwide looking to you for guidance, information, expertise, or inspiration? How about thousands of paying customers for your services or products waiting for you to wake up each day? That may sound out of reach, but you truly do have the opportunity to get there from where you are today.

Now, here’s the big question: What would you be doing for these fans and customers? Some of the paths we have now discussed include building lifestyle businesses by:

 Serving the information or community needs of people who share your niche interests.

 Transferring specialized knowledge from your job or learning new skills to position yourself as an expert.

 Creating new downloadable information products.

 Promoting, reviewing, aggregating, and filtering the products and information produced by other companies.

 Freelancing (or at least virtual assistant-ing) to make money, learn new skills, and maybe even reinvent yourself.

The Click Millionaires road map differs for each person. I have seen solopreneurs have the best luck at doing the tasks they like and are good at, while outsourcing the rest. I know that may sound simplistic, but that’s the bottom line: Do what you like and enjoy and are good at (assuming it has some commercial value, of course) and you will enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll do it well, and you’ll keep on doing it. Outsource the tasks you don’t like, because trying to make money doing work you don’t enjoy, don’t understand, or aren’t qualified for will likely lead to discouragement and failure (especially if you also have competing obligations and limited time due to a family, children, etc.). It may sound self-indulgent to focus on the tasks you like, but if you don’t, you are just creating another job you dislike. And I’m sure we agree that that is not the goal here!

The Millionaires Business System Checklist

Here’s a checklist of factors for you to consider when evaluating the many new business ideas that are hopefully now percolating in your head and in your Click Millionaires Idea Journal. Very few ideas will pass all these tests. But those that do will be laptop lifestyle businesses worth pursuing. Rank your business ideas for each of these components using the 1 (low)–5 (high) scale provided.

You’ll be able to evaluate multiple business ideas faster using this checklist. It includes the Click Millionaires Lifestyle Business Design Success Principles and other decision factors I use personally when deciding whether or not to invest my time in a new business. Ideas scoring low are not going to work, while a high score could be the Click Millionaire lifestyle business system you’re seeking.


If you make copies, you can use this checklist repeatedly to evaluate your different new ideas and it will make it easier to compare competing ideas, too.

You can also download a free, expanded version of this checklist after you sign up for the free emails from With more than 30 factors for you to evaluate and rank, it can help ensure you are investing your valuable time for maximum return.

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